The disinfectant dispensers are available in different design and colour versions.

The disinfectant dispensers are available in different design and colour versions. (Photo: © Bernstein AG)

Sturdy disinfection station


Bernstein AG is well known in the lift industry for its red switch devices and door contacts. But it has also been a manufacturer for decades of building technology and has now launched a disinfection station.

The question also arose in the Bernstein headquarters at Porta Westfalica (Germany) in March: where should a disinfection station go in the entrance lobby? The idea for a disinfection station with parts already available from building technology was quickly born. What emerged was an individually configurable and above all sturdy disinfection station with different components, such as catch bowl, sensor technology or a shutter cover.

"The great interest from all kinds of sectors – including the lift sector – was a pleasant surprise for us," reported Volker Trein, sector manager for lift and escalator technology at Bernstein AG.

To make this new product even better known in the lift sector, the idea quickly arose of cooperating with Stingl GmbH in Obersulm and the longstanding business friends Dirk Schöffler and Volker Pudel.

"Outstanding supplement"

"Bernstein in Porta Westfalica is synonymous with safety technology, switch equipment, sensors and door contacts. Stingl is well known for its products for assembly, shaft safeguarding, car protection and now also hygiene. Thanks to this cooperation, we can also offer our disinfection stations to the lift sector," said Trein in explanation of the underlying considerations.

"The concept of a high quality, sturdy disinfection station fits in outstandingly with our products and our customers," explained Volker Pudel, purchasing manager at Stingl. He quickly agreed with his sales manager, Dirk Schöffler, that they had found an "outstanding supplement to the new Stingl product area hygiene."

Schöffler explained these ideas in somewhat more detail, "The subject of hygiene will be with us for a while. We do not expect the disinfection stations to be dismantled next spring."

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