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Price increase for lifts


You have to look a little or get help from experts – but lifts and escalators are in fact also recorded by the Federal Statistics Office. At least the price development.

To be precise: the German authority records the producer prices of commercial products made and sold in Germany, including "passenger and cargo lifts, escalators and moving walks". The statistics show how they have developed since 2005 – while the increase up to 2021 was steady, but moderate, there is a clear jump upwards thereafter.

Main cause for the increase: price development for energy

No consolation: the development is typical for all producer prices of commercial products. According to provisional figures of the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis), they were 17.6 percent higher in January 2023 than in January 2022. There was an increase for lifts and escalators of 15.7 percent.

The main cause for the increase in commercial producer prices year over year continued to be the price development for energy, explained the Federal Statistics Office. Moreover, partially as a result of the price increases for energy, the prices for consumer goods, intermediate goods, consumer durables and capital goods had risen markedly.

More information: destatis.de

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