E300 – expanded CiA417 module set for CANopen interface

E300 – expanded CiA417 module set for CANopen interface (Photo: © Nidec Control Techniques Ltd.)

E300 frequency converter with CANopen


Control Techniques has now adopted the newly developed CANopen interface with the CiA417 user profile for the Elevator Drive E300 in its delivery range.

A modern lift converter not only has to meet the high requirements of a lift company, but also as far as possible be suitable for universal use in every controller, motor, grid and lift power.

The travel comfort of the lift converter E300 is based on the noiseless operation of the motor and converter, its smooth, jerk-free starting when the brake is released and optimised travel curve, including direct entry of the target position.

According to Control Techniques, the Elevator Drive E300 had proven its value in the past especially in critical lifts (gearless drives with 1:1 suspension and low speed) thanks to its high travel comfort. The company manufactures frequency converters and is part of the Nidec Group, one of the biggest motor manufacturers worldwide.

The lift converter E300 is the second generation of frequency converters from Control Techniques for motor operation without contactors in motor circuits for electrically as well as hydraulically powered lifts. The aim is to reduce noise development, space requirements and costs. Furthermore, the E300 ensures secure monitoring of brake contacts certified for UCM operation.

Thanks to its high voltage range from 200V to 690V as well as the wide power range of 2.2 kW to 250kW, the lift converter E300 has a wide range of applications. It can be used for all grid voltages and all lift sizes. The integrated motor control for asynchronous and synchronous motors as well as the encoder systems adjusted for lift technology allow the E300 to work with almost all lift motors.

Expansion of the control interface

The compact 22kW device from the E300 series. Photo: © Nidec Control Techniques Ltd.The compact 22kW device from the E300 series. Photo: © Nidec Control Techniques Ltd.

In addition to the analogue and parallel digital interface, the lift converter with the optional module SI-DCP is capable of serial activation with the widely distributed DCP3 and DCP4 protocols. Apart from the various functions for creep speed and direct entry, remote parameter assignment via the control is supported. As a result, it permits simple start-up and maintenance of installations without machine room.

Thanks to the newly developed CiA417 module kit, the control interface has been expanded with the CANopen interface, the only standardised application profile for lifts. Apart from the velocity mode for creep speed positioning, the position mode for direct entry can also be selected. Remote parameter assignment via the controller is supported by the realisation of the virtual console.

To guarantee compatibility, extensive tests were carried out with various control manufacturers and the adjustments required carried out. According to the company, the E300 lift converter can now also be used with almost all controllers with this expansion. "The long-standing partnership between LiftEquip and Control Techniques was stepped up to a new level with the E300 lift converter," emphasised Control Techniques. The E300 series of Control Techniques was selected as component at LiftEquip and will replace the MFC series there. The CANopen interface that is now available for the CiA417 application profile for lifts provides a functionality that was previously unavailable in the MFC converter.


The E300 with its various interfaces and options can be used both for new lifts as well as modernisations. Energy recovery, where it is required and makes sense, and emergency power operation with UPS or an emergency diesel generator, are feasible.

Start-up of the device is simplified by the self-adjustment of the converter after selection of the motor type. The E300 lift converter can be used for all controllers, motors, grid voltages and lift powers with the now supplemented CANopen CiA 417 interface.

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