CANopen-capable displays from SCHAEFER.

CANopen-capable displays from SCHAEFER. (Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbH)

CANopen for lifts


CANopen is an open communication standard, which is now supported by many lift components. The uniform application profile for lifts permits integrating components of different manufacturers into lifts, simply plug and play, directly on the building site.

Compared to conventional wiring, only a few wires are needed for CANopen. Other advantages are individual configuration, easy expandability of the system and simplified diagnostics and fault correction in the event of malfunctions. So-called nodes function in each fixture as interface between the installation elements and terminal box or controller.

CANnode CN16F. Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbHCANnode CN16F. Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbH

The completely redesigned SCHAEFER CAN­open IO node CANnode CN08F and CN16F are used for fixture wiring. Thanks to its ultra-flat (10 mm) design, they can also be used in very cramped spaces, e.g. in flat flush-mounted fixture without the need for additional cut-outs. Eight I / Os are available for the connection of eight three-wire buttons or four four-wire buttons on CANnode CN08F. Either 16 three-wire or eight four-wire buttons can be connected to the CANnode CN16F with 16 I / Os. Alternatively, a display and eight three-wire or four four-wire buttons can also be connected.

The new CAN node generation can now also be configured directly via the controller and in addition possesses automatic baud rate detection. The configuration data are stored in an exchangeable memory chip (eeprom) as a result of which the assembly can be easily replaced if necessary, without configuration effort.

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The universal voice announcement ­device DVM 70 V2.0 CANopen permits issu­ing up to 255 floor and up to 64 special announcements. It supports MP3 and WAV audio file formats and has an integrated microSD card slot. The installation depth of the version with two integrated loudspeakers is just 9.9 mm. The voice announcement device also supports the connection of external loudspeakers.

The CANopen-capable (Touch) MediaTFT flex V2.0 displays permit modern presentation of lift data and multimedia contents. The flexible web-based configuration interface permits many different configuration options and upon connection to the Internet also facilitates remote maintenance of the display and its contents. The TFTs are available in sizes between 10.1" and 31.5" – optionally with or without touch operation.

CANnode CN08F. Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbHCANnode CN08F. Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbH

The two 29" or 38" panorama displays ensure especially impressive presentation. Thanks to the CANopen compatibility, these TFTs can be easily integrated into the lift and also permit visualisation of sensor data. In combination with an additional CAN-ANKA node, MediaTFT flex displays can also be used in lifts without CANopen controllers.

Ultra-flat CANopen TFT displays: TFT 3.5" F C, TFT 5" F SRT C, TFT 7" F SRT C. Buttons can be directly connected to just 10 mm flat TFT-F displays (eight three-wire or four four-wire buttons to 3.5 and 5" and eight or 16 buttons to the 7" TFT). The acoustic acknowledgement functionality according to EN 81-70 for connected buttons reduces the complexity in wiring and saves costs by eliminating separate hardware.

In addition, these TFTs have an integrated speech announcement function. Internal or external loudspeakers can be optionally connected. Configuration is possible via SD card or the lift controller. Installation versions for vandalism protection classes EN 81-71 class 0, class 1 and class 2 are available for all TFT-F models.

The SCHAEFER "CANopen bus topology" overview provides assistance in CANopen shaft and fixture wiring. The topology summarises wiring ex­amples for different deployment and shaft scenarios and provides support in planning and selection of suitable cables, adapters and components.

CAN technology day: On 6 + 9.10.2020, CiA (CAN in Automation) organised its technology day in the form of an online event. Interested parties were given insights into CANopen, the lift application profile CiA 417 and the outlook for them. In addition, the talks covered the subjects of status monitoring, lift controllers and fixture wiring. The webinar contributions were recorded and can be retrieved via the CiA ­YouTube channel.

The operating, display element and fixture manu­facturer SCHAEFER presented its CANopen solutions and implementation details.

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