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Cama Lift celebrates its 25th anniversary


In 1996, Rainer Sprenger together with his Danish friend Uffe Mayntzhusen, established the then Cama Treppenlift GmbH in Wiesbaden. In autumn 2021, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

At that time, Mayntzhusen was the owner of the Danish company Cama Lift Aps. Sprenger initially began in Germany as a sole proprietorship with German-wide sales – in cooperation with Cama DK. On top of this was the assembly of the Danish platform lifts, which had been produced by Cama Lift Aps in Frederikshavn since the beginning of 1960.

What began in 1996 as a sole proprietorship quickly developed in the course of the early years into a major provider of platform lifts on the German market.

Whereas in the beginning it was mainly handicapped people who were the company’s customers, architects and trade associations soon became aware of the products, "They differed positively both in terms of technology and design from the lifts previously available in Germany," reported Cama.

Birth of the family company

In 2000, the two children of Rainer Sprenger - Melanie Will and Thorsten Sprenger – joined the company as managing directors and took on the company share of the Danes. This was the origin of the family company Cama with its then six employees.

Photo: © Cama Lift GmbHPhoto: © Cama Lift GmbH

After the business premises in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt over time had become too small for the constantly growing company, the family-led company moved to larger new business premises in the neighbouring town Hofheim-Wallau. The largest exhibition for platform lift systems up to that time in Germany was created there: the Cama lift world. To this day, customers can get an impression of their new lift on the spot during a trial trip.

Simultaneously with the move, the decision was also taken to rename Cama Treppenlift GmbH Cama Lift GmbH, since lifts of all kinds had in the meantime become Cama’s core business. Apart from pure stair platform lifts, the company now also provides small lifts for the disabled, home lifts, private lifts, lifts without machine rooms, shaftless lifts and stair lifts for every kind of building and use.

Ocean-going lift systems

Cama Lift GmbH is also a leading specialist today for ocean-going lift systems in the field of disabled-friendly lift systems, which are deployed worldwide on cruise liners, according to the managing director Melanie Will.

Rainer Sprenger put the management of the company into the hands of his two children in 2018 and withdrew from active company activity. Since then he has remained a partner in the company, which now has 16 full-time employees.

More information: cama.de

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