Alberto Sassi’s G-180BS.

Alberto Sassi’s G-180BS. (Photo: © Alberto Sassi)

Aritec announces partnership with Alberto Sassi


Aritec New Materials Group AG, a synthetic treatment solutions company, has announced a strategic partnership with Alberto Sassi S.p.A.

This collaboration aims to combine Aritec's elevator belt, Aribelt 30 F3.4, with Alberto Sassi’s expertise in gearless machines. Elevator belts have numerous advantages over traditional rope traction systems, Aritec points out: They "provide a longer service life of up to 15 years and greater resistance to environmental factors".

These belts enable smaller sheave and pulley diameters, facilitating machine-room-less constructions and maximizing usable space. Their polyurethane composition requires less power for the same load, resulting in up to 35 per cent energy savings, according to the company: "This eco-friendly technology not only reduces energy costs but also leaves a lower energy footprint."

Alberto Sassi’s G-180BS is a compact, new generation gearless machine optimised for the latest generation belts. Certified for high speeds above 600 rpm, it supports 2/1 roping systems with small traction diameters of 85-100 mm. With driving torques from 90 to 180 Nm and capacities up to 1,000 kg, the G-180BS enhances elevator performance and design significantly.

Lower maintenance costs and reduced operational expenses

"The combination of our technological skills allows us to guarantee our customers the reliability and technological values of our products," stated Gianluca Ferrari, General Manager at Alberto Sassi S.p.A.

Antonio Lentini, Key Account Director for Elevators & Cranes at Aritec New Materials Group AG, added, "The benefits of this partnership extend beyond improved performance and reduced environmental impact. Elevator belts offer quieter operation, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and reducing vibration and noise with gearless motors. They also result in lower maintenance costs and reduced operational expenses due to longer service lifetimes and the elimination of gear oil."

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