The C1 Pure needs less conversion work thanks to its modular concept and space-saving design.

The C1 Pure needs less conversion work thanks to its modular concept and space-saving design. (Photo: © Cibes Lift Group)

New lift to fill gap


Cibes Lift Group has launched a new lift that is to fill a gap on the lift market. The Cibes C1 Pure not only provides every comfort, but thanks to its modular design can also be quickly delivered and installed, emphasised the Cibes Lift Group.

"Conventional lifts can provide a high degree of comfort, but their manufacture takes months and assembly several weeks," explained Per Lidström, CEO of the Cibes Lift Group. However, the Cibes C1 Pure could be delivered within a few weeks and installed in just a few days. "We’re convinced that this is highly attractive for building owners, architects and homeowners," Lidström said.

Less conversion work needed

The new lift combined the most intelligent characteristics of platform lift technology with the comfort of conventional passenger lifts, reported Johan Strand, head of the company’s research and development department, whose headquarters are in Sweden.

Photo: © Cibes Lift GroupPhoto: © Cibes Lift Group

Like a conventional lift, it was fitted with impulse control and automatic sliding doors, but thanks to its modular concept and space-saving design needed less conversion work. "We’re particularly proud of our new telescopic sliding doors, which permit the lowest overhead height on the market."

Apart from an overhead height of 2500 mm, a pit of just 100 mm is required, which creates a wide range of premises and installation situations in which a proper lift car can be installed. Moreover, the integrated machine room and three different platform sizes are intended to make the C1 Pure an individual and space-saving lift solution in places where installation was previously scarcely conceivable, explained Cibes Lift.

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