The focus at the Meiller stand at the interlift 2023 was on the MOD solutions for car and landing doors.

The focus at the Meiller stand at the interlift 2023 was on the MOD solutions for car and landing doors. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Meiller: Focus on modernisation and digitalisation


At the interlift 2023, Meiller concentrated this time on two themes: on the one hand the current advances in the field of digitalisation and the various new modernisation solutions.

Various door malfunctions could be simulated on two test stands at the Meiller trade fair stand. Meiller’s own MiDrive door controller detects these faults and sends a corresponding signal to the lift controller. Thor and Newlift controllers were used to demonstrate how this error is then displayed as a warning on their displays

However, the various new modernisation solutions took up the most space at the trade fair stand. Modernisation of lift doors does not necessarily mean replacing entire car or landing doors – Meiller employees made this clear to the trade fair visitors.

Door modernisation in phases

This is because the new MOD concept also makes it possible to carry out door modernisation in phases. For example, with a ComfortLine version, just the car door mechanism can be replaced: old transoms are demounted, the new ones installed in the car, connected with the remaining door leaves - and the door is back in operation.

Apart from a new car door mechanism and drive, the RetroLine version also includes new door leaves but ones that are tailor made in the dimensions of the existing ones. As a result, the car indent normally does not have to be renewed.

The CompleteLine version goes yet another step further: the entire car door is replaced with the door leaves being in the standard Meiller double-walled design. Three different kinds of attachment brackets are included in delivery for attachment to the car roof in order to fit the new mechanism precisely.

Modernisation concept for landing doors

The core of all MOD car door solutions is a variable skate, which is preset at the factory and in this way capable of opening all kinds of third party landing doors. Since the product launch, more than 450 different solutions have already been prepared, in part also for rare old installed doors.

The Meiller technicians developed an analogous modernisation concept for landing doors as well. This makes it possible to leave existing, often elaborately configured access portals as they are while only the worn-out mechanical parts are all removed and a new ComfortLine mechanism kit is installed in the existing transom housing. In addition, door leaves are available here in the dimensions of the existing ones (ComfortLine Plus).

This greatly reduces the annoyance of occupants by noise or dirt in the event of a modernisation of landing doors since the work can for the most part take place within the shaft. In addition, the budget available can be planned more flexibly and if necessary partial modernisations split up.

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