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Max for stair lifts and Renew for existing buildings


TK Elevator has launched two new developments: “Max Home “, a cloud-based solution for predictive maintenance of stairlifts and “EOX Renew” for low and medium-rise residential buildings.

"Max Home" provided stairlift users and all parties involved with diagnostics in real time, according to TK Elevator. Local customer support centers checked that the connected stairlifts were operating well. In the event of breakdowns, technical experts could remotely diagnose the likely cause and assist with remote problem resolution. ’If needed, a service visit could be rapidly scheduled and the issue fixed,’ according to a press release of the Group.

The cloud-based predictive maintenance solution "Max", was already used in lifts in public and commercial institutions. With "Max Home" the technology was now also available for the private segment of stair lifts. It was integrated in the S200 stairlift, without compromising on the stairlift’s design, TK Elevator declared. The S200 won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

Family and emergency contacts can also be given access to an app, enabling them to check on the stairlift and assist the user if required.

"Produced with 100 percent green electricity"

The EOX Renew is designed as an elevator for low and mid-rise residential buildings. Photo: © TK ElevatorThe EOX Renew is designed as an elevator for low and mid-rise residential buildings. Photo: © TK Elevator

TK Elevator has also launched "EOX Renew", the newest member of the EOX family of elevators for low and medium-rise residential buildings. "While EOX brings premium digital and sustainability features to standard elevators in new buildings, EOX Renew’s… structure also delivers these benefits to existing buildings," the manufacturer declared.

The lift was produced in Europe with 100 percent green electricity and thanks to its regenerative drive technology needed up to 28 percent less energy for operation. The comparison referred to the previous standard configuration of TK Elevator for lifts in the same segment, the Group explained.

A lift for every building

EOX Renew was designed to fit almost everywhere – in the stairwell, on the façade, or in the courtyard, TK Elevator emphasised. Thanks to the flexible cabin dimensions, compact shaft components, choice of counterweight position, door types and adjustment of floor doors down to the last millimetre, the solution "can build a connection between residents and the outside world in even the most complex of old buildings."

EOX Renew made optimal use of the existing shaft, providing the building with the biggest cabin possible and enabling higher load capacities. In addition, it was easy to install.

EOX Renew is available to customers in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and will soon be available in additional European countries.

More information: tkelevator.com

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