After:  A left-opening VF08 in original condition.

Before: A left opening VF08 in original condition (Photo: © Langer & Laumann)

L&L package optimised for Thyssen VF08


Langer & Laumann has optimised the drive, drive pinion and deflection pulley for the Thyssen VF08 package.

Afterwards: A centrally-opening VF08 after optimisation. Photo: © Langer & LaumannAfterwards: A centrally-opening VF08 after optimisation. Photo: © Langer & Laumann

This makes conversions unproblematic. Neither drilling nor grinding work was required, underlined the manufacturer of door drives and complete conversion kits for machinery and lift doors. Not only was effortless installation possible, but the installation time considerably reduced.

"The new deflection pulley with ball bearings deserves special mention. It not only ensures a longer service life but also guarantees wear-free operation," emphasised Langer & Laumann. This minimised maintenance effort while significantly boosting reliability.

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