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VDI 6211 published as draft


The VDI 6211 guideline on “Ventilation installations and installations to extract smoke from lifts and lift shafts” was made available to the public in July 2022 in draft form.

By Jan König

Groups affected can lodge objections up to the end of October.


Work on the paper only recently concluded, with considerable attention from groups involved in the market. The gap between European guidelines and standards, national regulations from building law and occupational safety is to be closed.

The VDI Committee is staffed by manufacturers of components and lifts, representatives of authorised inspection bodies, technical planners, operators and associations in balanced proportions.


The requirements on energy efficiency and associated tightness of buildings have risen. According to the VDI, this meant that the subjects of car ventilation and smoke extraction from lift shafts had to be reconsidered. In addition, it specifies the requirements for lifts in guidelines, standards and regulations and closes a gap in previously absent requirements, in particular for the ventilation of lifts.

The underlying issue is the repeated public declarations in the recent past that the Energy Saving Ordinance that was replaced in November 2020 requires a closure of the opening in the shaft head. This is objectively false.

Special focus was placed in the new guidelines on the ventilation of cars and lift shafts. The potential CO2 concentration was also considered and calculated in this connection, including the limits and their consequences. Smoke extraction from lifts is also examined. The guideline offers assistance and possible solutions for the questions arising from this.


VDI 6211 provides all of the important information, advice and recommendations for proper interpretation of the smoke extraction required and ventilation of lift shafts and cars in order to do justice to the goal of safe use of lifts.

The guideline is addressed to manufacturers, planners and operators of lifts and the groups involved in the process. It can be obtained subject to charge from Beuth Verlag.

The author is the proprietor of the engineering firm Ing4Lifts (VDI).

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