(Photo: © Hy-Line)

The Holo-Key: a holographic button


It doesn’t have to be a touch screen: a free-floating image in the air can also display contents and receive manual feedback, Hy-Line declared. For this purpose, the new “Holo-Key” from Hy-Line employs a special 3D panel.

An LED field illuminates a slide printed with the desired operating symbols. These can be easily replaced and then display other contents.

A sensor monitors the level of the aerial image and detects virtual "touches", which can be evaluated and for example switch relays or send signals to the communication buses. Consequently, contactless operation of simple functions is possible, even with gloves, wet or dirty fingers or a credit card.

Configured as a switch or button

Among other things, typical application areas are the operating buttons for passenger and goods lifts, home automation (Venetian blinds, garage doors, lifts…), public toilets and more.

The Holo-Key can be configured as a switch or button and is therefore a ready-to-deploy touchless alternative to the customary mechanical "Up/Down" call buttons on lift doors," according to the company press release. "And there are of course also solutions that contactlessly represent the large keyboard in the lift." 

More information: hy-line-group.com