Dr Florian Steinmann.

Dr Florian Steinmann. (Photo: © Switch)

Switch was taken over


Dr Florian Steinmann is the new managing director and partner of Switch GmbH in Isernhagen. He took over the company as part of an age-related succession together with the “Realkapital Mittelstand” of Andreas and Edgar Burr.

As an electrical engineer at Siemens AG, Dr Steinmann has gathered many years of experience in different areas of industrial automation. “I’ve had the privilege of experiencing and learning a great deal at Siemens, from service deployment as an engineer to a major international project in the rail industry.”

His doctorate in economics finally aroused his interest in self-employment. “Coincidence led my path to cross with Switch. Thanks to close contacts to Realkapital, discussions with Andreas and Edgar occurred,” Dr Steinmann confided. “It’s important to me that my work is fun and provides users with the added value I immediately recognised.” 

More information: switch-gmbh.de