Maximilian Meierhofer (right) and Michael Reichelt.

Maximilian Meierhofer (right) and Michael Reichelt. (Photo: © Guido Schwarz)

Successors take over IBB Fördertechnik


Maximilian Meierhofer and Michael Reichelt have been the managing partners of IBB Fördertechnik since 1 June.

To secure a long-term perspective for customers and employees, the previous owners of IBB Fördertechnik, Sven Barig and Ulrich Hofmann, passed on the baton to the two new owners in June 2022.

Expedite future themes

The 33-year old Maximilian Meierhofer has industrial experience and before this worked for thyssenkrupp management consulting in Essen for many years. Michael Reichelt, 35-years old, has a background in software and electronic development and has worked as an entrepreneur in the field of logistics/mechanical engineering for eight years.

Together with the IBB Fördertechnik team, the two new owners would like to expedite future themes, such as digitalisation, environmental protection and urbanisation in order to further strengthen the position of the company as an established service provider for the lift industry.

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