(Photo: © SafeSolutions)

(Photo: © SafeSolutions)

Sharing idea for emergency call telephones


What has long since been customary for cars, can also make sense for emergency call telephones in lifts: renting instead of buying.

A thought experiment with emergency call telephones: when a lift company or operating company buys an emergency call telephone for a lift, it must pay for the device. For a while it has rights under the guarantee. After this, it is liable. If it rents instead, it saves the initial investment.

Moreover, the monthly costs are transferred to the tenants in the building and the device has an availability guarantee during the entire contractual term. Consequently, if the device is no longer functional after a few years, the device lessor provides a new one – without any additional financial consequences for you.

GSM basis unifies device and connection

An emergency call telephone necessarily always includes a connection to a telephone network. When buying, an incompatibility can easily arise between “device” and “connection.” Each owner is not responsible for the other or does not want to be.

This leads to interfaces associated with friction losses. A rented device on GSM basis unifies the device and connection, since the lessor of the emergency call device can also provide connection card service. As a result, “everything is from one source.” Hence, functionality and compatibility are fully guaranteed.

Tried-and-tested technology

SafeSolutions has an interesting offer: Lift Telefoon GSM-8000, a yellow-dyed SL6+GSM from the Swedish market leader, combined with a roaming SIM card as package for the price of an old Telekom landline. Consequently, the device and connection are available at a price for which you used to get just the landline. Current landline prices are often even much higher.

Lift Telefoon is standardised; but the telephone stations are adjusted according to design preferences. The product can be expanded with the DigiSeco monitoring device. This is tried-and-tested technology. Technicians are familiar with it and the installation could not be simpler. Standardisation makes the low rental price possible. On top of this, whether or not a connection card is desired makes no difference to the rental price.


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