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New: Optamid EasyFlex LF deflection pulley


Röchling Industrial Xanten GmbH has launched a new version of the EasyFlex: the EasyFlex LF (LowFriction), thereby expanding the range of the EasyFlex family. Röchling’s aim in doing so is to meet the different needs and budgets of the market.

The use of plastic coated traction media is in the ascendant in lift technology. These ropes have a longer service life and offer more intensive adhesion of the outer material. The result is enhanced traction capacity and the use of smaller traction sheave diameters. However, uneven tension distribution can cause premature wear and wire breaks in the rope interior.

Since 2015, the previous Optamid EasyFlex deflection pulleys with grooved rings that can rotate independently of each other have guaranteed constant rope tension. This had considerably increased safety in various field of application, according to Röchling.

Special material combination

The company had now launched a new EasyFlex version: the EasyFlex LF (LowFriction). It is deployed wherever the requirements are less demanding but good rope tension compensation and easy installation of the lifting gear are still to be facilitated.

A special material combination of the the base body and the grooved casing makes this possible. "Thanks to this combination, the EasyFlex LF offers a more affordable solution for less complex applications without compromising on functionality," emphasised Lothar Sieber, Elevator Sales Manager of the company. The classic EasyFlex remains suitable for complex rope guides and the associated high risk of rope tension differences in the system.

More information: Roechling.com/de/industrial

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