The position switch of the PS product family can be combined in many different ways thanks to the modular design. (Photo: © Schmersal)

New generation of position switches


Schmersal Group has launched a new generation of position switches. Thanks to its modular system, the PS product family can be used in a host of different ways.

The advantage for users is that the new PS product family provides many options, since all position switches can be procured both as complete device as well as a modular kit.

Wide range of applications

Type 1 position switches according to ISO 14119 are responsible for position detection and monitoring moving parts in machines and lifts as well as protective installations capable of lateral sliding or turning.

The new series is suitable for a wide range of applications across all the individual fields of mechanical engineering and lift construction – both for automation and security applications as well as for lift technology. The protection types IP66 or IP67 create the conditions for the use of position of the position switch even under unfavourable ambient conditions.

Fewer versions - more flexibility

The modular structure of the PS series with components that can be used throughout all the series reduces the version diversity and expense for storage and boosts availability. All position switches available in the modular system of the series PS116, PS2xx and PS3xx can be selected both as complete switch with actuation element as well as basic switch.

The basic switch can be combined depending on application with the actuation element required, which can be selected from a multitude of possible versions. In this way, the greatest possible flexibility is achieved in the application and the version diversity is reduced in the switches.

All actuation elements can be turned in 45° increments, meaning an adjustment in the prescribed travel direction is possible at any time. Moreover, the 45°-turned connection terminals permit simplified connection with considerably reduced assembly times. Switch elements with up to three contacts guarantee redundant shutdown with additional signal contact.

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