Exclusively from GS electronic: 10 mm flush-mounted retrofitted control panel for the LIFTDialog.GSM.

Exclusively from GS electronic: 10 mm flush-mounted retrofitted control panel for the LIFTDialog.GSM. (Photo: © GS electronic Gebr. Schönweitz GmbH)

New flush-mounted control panel – extra thin


As soon as EN 81-28 has been harmonised, lifts must be fitted with pictograms for emergencies. GS electronic has developed a flush-mounted control panel that can be retrofitted irrespective of the controller installed.

This does not just make sense in terms of barrier-freedom: illuminated displays will soon be required for everyone in the car. While new lifts are equipped with this ex works, numerous existing lifts still have no communication signals that light up when the emergency call is actuated.

Harmonisation of the EN 81-28 standard applicable to lift emergency calls is expected in the coming year – absence of pictograms would then be penalised. If an emergency call is actuated, followed by communication with emergency call service control centre, there must be optical signals – even if the routine call is absent.

Controller autonomous

Whereas you used to have to cut and bend metal in order to install a three-centimetre thick control panel with pictograms, this is no longer needed - fortunately for the lift wall. There was a lot of discussion about permissibility particularly in the case of self-supporting models.

Consequently, in cooperation with Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik, GS electronic Gebr. Schönweitz GmbH has developed a flush-mounted retrofitted control panel that is only a centimetre thick. A small round bore and four small retaining screws are now enough to make older lifts a little more secure.

Power-saving and durable LEDs in green and yellow signalise “hearing and speaking” that allow the tactile emergency call button to be felt. Optionally, it is illuminated permanently or remains neutral in waiting position.

Lift optically and in safety terms enhanced

Thanks to a flat strip cable, the control panel is directly connected with the emergency call device Liftdialog.GSM from GS electronic that is attached to the car. Consequently, installation can also occur autonomously of the lift controller. In addition, the emergency call device supplies the retrofitted control panel in the event of a power failure with 12 V.

The slender construction and design resemble Kollmorgen’s C-line. The reservations of operators were taken into account during development so that it fits flush with the lift wall. “As a result, it does not appear bulky and enhances the lift optically and in safety terms,” emphasised project manager Raphael Gorski from GS electronic.

More information: gselectronic.com