LA 500 (right) and LA 700 inverters are versatile but uncomplicated, emphasizes Yaskawa.

LA 500 (right) and LA 700 inverters are versatile but uncomplicated, emphasizes Yaskawa. (Photo: © Yaskawa Europe)

Latest generation frequency converters


Yaskawa presented its LA500 and LA700 converter models at the interlift, part of its current LA series. According to Yaskawa, the new models are to make lifts safer, more comfortable and sustainable. This only required minimal changes to the existing configuration.

By Mark Simms und Roberto Adanez

The LA500 and LA700 converters are versatile but working with them is uncomplicated. They are designed for easy installation and maintenance and compatible with almost every controller.

Thanks to a new function called "non-rotating autotuning", the motor and encoder can be calibrated in a few seconds without having to remove the rope from the traction sheave. Upon start-up, this function also ensures that the system was wired for the correct rotation direction without the motor having to be turned. The basic settings can be configured within a few minutes, thus saving time and money during installation and maintenance.

Use of lift terminology

Other features are a bright LED display, tactile buttons, an optional multilingual LCD display and keypad (standard in the LA700) as well as the use of lift terminology (terms and units). The setup assistant and a USB interface for PCs or smartphones are intended to further simplify the start-up and diagnosis. The terminals of the main electric circuit are easy to reach without having to remove cover panels while the spring terminals for the control wiring increase both speed as well as reliability.

A 24V DC input from the controller simplifies wiring and maintains communication with the lift controller of the drive, even if there is a drop in the mains voltage.

More travel comfort

While developing the LA500 series, Yaskawa focused on the motor controller and travel comfort. The compact lift drive can now also be used for applications with closed control circuit (with motor encoder). As a result, it can be deployed both in modernisation projects as well as in new lifts.

The converters provide high travel comfort and reduce the noise levels of the lift to a minimum. For every operating point, the newly developed motor noise reduction exploits the highest possible switching frequency and only reduces it if there is a risk of thermal overload of the drive. With its precise motor control and high initial torque, flexibly configurable travel profiles and tried-and-tested brake control, the LA500 features everything the lift needs for calm travel and exact positioning.

Low energy consumption

Like all Yaskawa frequency converters, the LA500 is also designed for 2.5 million full-load starts and ten years maintenance-free operation. The hardware is compatible with ambient temperatures of up to 50°C without loss of performance. The boards are coated (3S2 and 3C2) to resist dust and moisture.

The very low standby power consumption of less than 10 W of the LA500 for asynchronous motors up to 22 kW is outstanding. The temperature-controlled fans only run when needed in operation. Since less dust accumulates in the switch cabinet, not only is energy saved but reliability enhanced too.

Components of networked building concepts

The Yaskawa LA700 series have the same advantages as the LA500 for permanent magnet gearless motors at a higher output and higher speeds (up to 4 m/s) as well as the option to control gearless PM motors with the additional A3 UCM function (unintended car movement).

Yaskawa is reacting to the current trends and challenges in the lift sector with its continuous development of the latest frequency converters. This not only includes the new standards for safety, energy efficiency and sustainability but also compliance with legal regulations and the necessary degree of digitalisation, since lifts are increasingly often components of networked building concepts.

Mark Simms is Market Manager Lift & Escalator – Value Stream Drives, Roberto Adanez, Senior Application Engineer – Engineering Solutions & Support, at Yaskawa Europe.

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