(Photo: © Bosch Service Solutions GmbH)

Emergency calls and lift management at a glance


Emergency call systems in lifts connected to an emergency system staffed round the clock are a legal requirement. If the lifts are supervised by a lift management company, they usually operate separately from this.

The consultancy Hundt Consult has now integrated the emergency call service of Bosch Service Solutions in its lift monitoring.

According to the company, Hundt Consult’s offer is the first of its kind. Initially, it is to be available in the markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The emergency call service also offers Bosch Service Solutions in different languages if the operators so desire.

Simplify a change of the maintenance company

Up to now, emergency call systems and services for lifts have up to now been offered by various parties: by lift companies, the producers of emergency call devices and emergency call service providers. Thanks to the new offer, all important operating parameters were now visible at a glance - including emergency call, explained Alexander Wüllner, managing partner of Hundt Consult.

The integration is also intended to simplify a change of the maintenance company to enable the emergency call agreement to continue if the maintenance partner changed. The emergency call system previously always had to be changed for this purpose. Moreover, thanks to its multilingual features, the solution can be used by operators who manage the lifts in different European countries.

More information: hundt-consult.de