(Photo: © Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH)

Electrical contact bridge by Kronenberg


Kronenberg has developed an electrical contact bridge (EKB). It is intended to enhance the safety of fitters on site.

According to Kronenberg, lift companies make an important contribution to safe lift operation through their repair and maintenance work. At the same time, fitters were exposed to all kinds of risks in their work – above all, when they had to bridge electrical contacts on site as part of their work.

Adjusted to different door switches

To get into the door switch and close the electrical circuit, the EKB has two contact pins electrically connected with each other, whose distance is continuously adjustable with the assistance of a rotary knob. Consequently, the EKB can be adjusted to different door switches.

An automatic pulley sheave serves to attach the EKB to the fitter’s clothing via a clip or a spring catch. This ensures that the EKB cannot get dropped or lost and does not remain at the contact point by mistake.

The electrical contact bridge is available with warnings in different languages and can be provided customised on request with the logo of the customer.

More information: kronenberg-gmbh.de/en

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