Easy Installation Kit with Service Box.

Easy Installation Kit with Service Box. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Efficient and secure wiring of lift doors


The range of use of electric and digital components has been widening for years. The replacement of mechanical components by electrical measurement, control and switching systems is also becoming increasingly frequent in lift building.

This trend now not only affects classic components like controllers, regulators and distance measurement but also lift doors.

By Florian Runck

Wiring WITH Easy Installation Kit + Service Box. Photo: © Meiller AufzugtürenWiring WITH Easy Installation Kit + Service Box. Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren

Some special lift door and gate systems of the Munich manufacturer Meiller Aufzugtüren, above all in the industrial and cargo sectors, are now individually driven and unlocked independently of each other. This involves using characteristic options, such as optical sensors, monitoring contacts, safety switches and electrical locks.

The advantage consists in using these systems in the safe and reliable operation of lifts. However, the assembly effort due to additional wiring and cable laying in the lift shaft and on the car increases enormously. Even for experienced personnel, considerable additional effort can be required, the risk of errors increases and in part as a result also the safety risk during installation.

Reduced assembly time

To lower the effort and at the same time ensure meticulous and proper wiring of the landing and lift doors, Meiller is offering its customers the so-called ‘Easy Installation Kit'. In our experience, as a wiring aid, this module greatly reduces the assembly time.

The Easy Installation Kit is an additional component, fitted with pre-cabled safety switches for special doors with an electrical lock. The switch includes a safety relay for zone release and the switching devices required for safe emergency passenger release. The accessories for electric emergency unlocking from the shaft pit are also included.

As low as -20°C ambient temperature

Negative example, impermissible wiring WITHOUT Easy Installation Kit. Photo: © Meiller AufzugtürenNegative example, impermissible wiring WITHOUT Easy Installation Kit. Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren

All parts of the kit are clearly arranged in a switchbox with powder-coated steel housing. Numerous electrical in- and outputs (in part potential-free) are correspondingly clearly prepared and identified. The connection lines to the door drive (Meiller MiDrive) are preconfigured at the factory and are consequently already available as 'plug & play’ solution with a line length of 4 m each.

Preparation for connection of safe landing recognition (zone kit) is also included in delivery as well as a separate ‘service box’ with locking mushroom buttons and flashing light on the 8.0 m connection line. Thanks to the easy wall installation and suitability for ambient temperatures as low as -20°C, the kit can be used in almost any lift shaft.

The advantages for integration in the lift system:
• preconfigured supply line to the door drive
• prepared connections for all necessary and optional in- and outputs
• easy and secure wiring thanks to clear arrangement of the terminal strips
• prepared safety switch for landing recognition and electrical emergency unlocking
• suitable for ambient temperatures as low as -20°C
• preparation for universal installation on shaft wall and car

The author is product manager at Meiller Aufzugtüren.

More information: meiller-aufzugtueren.de