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Dynamic information systems for lifts


The company “creco” has developed a new series of multi-functional screens for lift construction, ready for serial production.

It provides manufacturer-independent integration of multimedia signage solutions in three classes (Basic, Professional, Premium) for all projects in the field of cars and in front of lifts.

Practically-oriented standard versions in the basic series and individual design solutions are available. Customers can assemble the system of their choice from many different performance versions (display sizes, different page formats, stretch, housing versions, chassis, built-in-/ surface-mounted, glass / mirror glass editions). All systems are modular in design. CANopen interfaces are optionally available, the company emphasised.

Content management software
Applications for Android and Windows-based PCs can be realised with this digital signage software.

This includes an LCD and player solution. Multimedia presentations can be created and maintained with the media player.

This LCD system is in addition delivered with a separate PC. The PC can be mounted on the car roof. It is connected via LAN using a suspended cable with the central server. The system can also be fitted with a touch sensor instead of protective glass.

Built-in panel
This set can be integrated in the car wall. The built-in panel is a complete unit - front frame with protective glass or touch sensor and LCD, with player or PC operating system CMS.

Surface-mounted version
This system can be mounted retrospectively on any car wall. It consists of a housing with LC display, player or PC operating system CMS.

Glass edition
This is for cars or car doors. The back of the glass has an opaque colour coating. A mounting frame assists in installing the rear-mounted motor, with player or PC operating system CMS.

Mirror glass
The complete system consists of mounting frame, mirror glass unit, monitor, with player of PC operating system CMS.

Multi-function info terminal (MIT)
creco has integrated many functions in an MIT. The digital information and management system offers switching to two levels, e.g. for the building administration – service terminal. Users can be provided with current information with the multimedia building panel / digital notice board. Moreover, the service employee of the lift manufacturer can always view specific documents for the current lift without having to bring them with him.

Depending on the installation location, the company offers the matching housing version.
• Basic – office indoor version: plastic housing without protective glass
• Professional – industry version: sturdy metal housing with protective glass
• Premium – vandal-proof version in-, semi-out, outdoor solutions
• Fire-load and smoke gas-optimised MIT

The MIT can in addition be converted to an advertising display with the creco CMS package or player stick.

More information: creco-gmbh.de