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DMG buys BEG


Acquisition in Italy: the component manufacturer DMG announced in mid-April that it had acquired 100% of BEG. The primary aim of the acquisition was to reinforce DMG’s market presence in northern Italy.

The integration of BEG represented a significant advancement in DMG's industrial strategy within the lift industry, according to the DMG press release. "This strategic move goes beyond expanding our production capacity, which is now poised to exceed 4,000 electric systems annually" remarked Emanuele Emiliani, CEO of DMG.

Deliver heightened value and technology

Photo: © DMGPhoto: © DMG

Further hoped for effects of the merger were that the development team would be bolstered and the portfolio of commercial offerings widened. In addition, DMG’s design prowess and flexibility were to be integrated into BEG's technological solutions to enhance connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities.

"Our immediate plans involve integrating BEG's control panel offerings with our push-button panels and displays to deliver heightened value and technology to our client", Emanuele Emiliani added.

According to the company, DMG currently distributed its pre-wired electric systems across 12 European countries. With this acquisition, there would be a reinforced focus on the Italian market, particularly in Northern Italy. DMG hoped the merger of the two companies would solidify an even stronger leadership position and permit effective fulfillment of market demands through innovative and tailored solutions.

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