(Photo: © Geda GmbH)

Digitalisation in the construction machine sector


Geda has moved ahead with the development of its digital platform “Geda Central”.

This is intended to allow digital tools related to lifts and all Geda services to be used conveniently with just one account, explained the SME industrial and construction lift manufacturer Geda GmbH.

Four digital services are bundled in Geda Central, which can be used with just one login:
- This includes the Geda Installation Designer, an online calculation tool for anchoring and ground forces.
- Geda developed the BIM Center for construction data modelling. It offers a programme for the digital planning of structures or for simulating construction processes on device models and accessories in all kinds of file formats for download.
- The digital support tool allows "common questions and minor challenges in practical use to be solved", according to the company.
- The new Geda Document Center is a download platform for all documents needed related to Geda lifts, where customers can access such documents with smartphones, tablets or computers.

More information: geda.de