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Digital functions are becoming standard


TK Elevator (TKE) is launching a digital and energy-efficient lift with accompanying platform called EOX, especially for low residential buildings with only a few floors. An Nvidia chip is integrated in the product.

TK Elevator aims to close a gap in its portfolio with EOX. Up to now, the latest digital and energy-saving technologies had been reserved solely for medium- and high buildings. Now they are also available for lifts installed in residential buildings with only a few floors. "Digital functions are no longer additional equipment, but rather standard," explained TKE to the LIFTjournal.

Lowering energy requirements

Photo: © TK ElevatorPhoto: © TK Elevator

Up to 28 percent less energy is needed to move the lift in the shaft. TKE listed a series of factors for this. On the one hand, the "especially low consumption belt drive technology" made a contribution. In addition, there was the "learning eco-mode", which adapted the travel mode to the building. For example, at times when the lift is in less use, the speed and acceleration are lowered.

Moreover, the regenerative drive is intended to ensure that during braking of the lift, energy is fed back into the building grid. The lower weight also made a contribution to lowering the energy requirement. An EOX standard configuration with 630 kg and five stops weighs 300 kg less than the previous TK product portfolio of comparable applications. The weight reduction had been achieved by using lighter materials.

Comprehensive standard equipment

"Every lift will be delivered with comprehensive digital functions and provides access to more solutions via the customer portal at the click of a mouse," according to TKE. Among other things, the standard EOX equipment will feature infotainment widgets, a digital emergency call system with cellular VoiP dialler, an optical sensor to enhance passenger safety, an acceleration meter to monitor car and door movements and an app for Android and iOS with which passengers can call a lift using their smartphone.

Additional options can be booked via the customer portal, such as monitoring and control functions, programming interfaces, options for remote maintenance or adjusting the multimedia screen.

AI foundation laid

Photo: © TK ElevatorPhoto: © TK Elevator

TKE is relying on the technology of two US high tech companies for EOX. The chip developer Nvidia, above all known from the gaming sector, has contributed the Jetson Nano processor, which is integrated in the lift and facilitates edge computing. This involves a high performance chip mimicking the behaviour of neurons in the brain and processing data from the lift in real time. This capability was the main foundation for all further development in the field of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The hardware platform of EOX is connected to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Both technologies are complementary. The Nvidia microprocessor is used to process sensor data in the lift and initially works independently of the cloud, according to TKE. For example, sensor, video or audio signals are processed directly in the lift. This required fewer data transmissions, which accelerated computing operations.

"The machine data continue to be sent to the cloud to permit predictive maintenance, insight into real time data and other analyses.""

Introduction in Germany 2023

TKE has optimised the production processes in its European plants. Between receipt of the order and delivery, EOX would in principle be ready for despatch within 20 days, according to the company.

EOX will initially be available in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Poland. TKE expects it to be launched in other European countries in the course of the coming year.

More information: tkelevator.com

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