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Digital courses and product presentations


Due to the Corona-related postponements and cancellations of trade fairs and other in-person events, Schaefer has created the format of the Schaefer academy in order to be able to offer webinars, courses and product presentations digitally.

It kicked off on 4 May with a webinar about "Hygiene in lifts". This was followed by events on the subject of "Accessibility and vandalism (EN 81-70 / EN 81-71)", the "Schaefer Webshop - shop4lifts.com" including presentation of the control panel series Aurora and the basics course "The 1x1 of lift buttons".

The final webinar dealt with the special requirements for fire brigade lifts. The events are designed to ensure that they can be easily integrated into everyday life. Depending on the subject, the duration is set between 30 and 60 minutes. During the webinars, participants have the option of asking questions in the chat, which are subsequently discussed in the talk. The video recordings can be retrieved on the Schaefer academy page, also in various languages.

Proposals for topics welcome

Speaker Celine Poyatos during a webinar. Photo: © Schaefer GmbHSpeaker Celine Poyatos during a webinar. Photo: © Schaefer GmbH

Initial experience confirmed that the extensive product range and products and interconnections in need of explanation could in this way be presented clearly and in a contemporary manner and that this service met with a good reception.

On August 12, there was a course dealing with the "Schaefer Configurator" with which TFT displays, point matrix displays, speech output devices and sensor buttons, among other things, can be configured or designed. This will then be followed in September by a webinar on the subject of CANopen for lifts. Further webinars are already being planned. You can find an overview at wsSchaefer.com/academy. Participants and interested parties are called on to submit topic proposals for future events.


Speaker Frank Saalmüller during webinar. Photo: © Schaefer GmbHSpeaker Frank Saalmüller during webinar. Photo: © Schaefer GmbH

The car air sterilisation device Schaefair was presented as part of the first webinar on lift hygiene. Due to the cramped space and number of users in lift cars, aerosols with pathogens such as flu viruses or SARS-CoViD-2 can remain in the air for a long time. Simply entering an empty car involves the risk of transmission, which continues to rise with increasing car capacity utilisation. Operators can improve the situation with effective and sustainable measures, says Schaefer.

Particularly those sectors especially affected by lockdowns, such as the hotel sector, should integrate air cleaning in their hygiene concept in lifts. The device, developed and produced at Schaefer in close cooperation with a specialist for UV-C disinfection with almost 40 years of experience, has been configured especially for the requirements of lifts. The priority here was on a sturdy design, corresponding performance dimensions and safe operation.

The UV-C radiation acts on the microorganisms inside the device. The car air circulates continuously here. The pathogens are demonstrably rendered harmless to 99.9 percent. People are safe to remain in the car during operation, since the UV-C radiation from the device is also emitted in the car and no ozone is formed.

No use of Hepa filters

Speakers Frank Saalmüller and Celine Poyatos Requena. Photo: © Schaefer GmbHSpeakers Frank Saalmüller and Celine Poyatos Requena. Photo: © Schaefer GmbH

Moreover, at only 32 dB, Schaefair is also very quiet in operation. The use of hepa or other filters was deliberately dispensed with during the design. These quickly become blocked in environments that are not really clean and as a result negatively influence the air throughput and noise development. If the filters are not regularly changed, these can themselves result in additional contamination of the air.

Moreover, changing these filters can constitute an additional hazard for the maintenance personnel, who normally have to wear breathing protection and other protective equipment when changing such filters. On these grounds, Schaefair was designed to ensure that the circulated air (75 m³/h) can be effectively disinfected with the powerful UV-C radiation device without the use of additional filters. The lamp is designed for 9,000 h. Annual replacement is recommended in the event of permanent operation.

More information: ws-schaefer.com

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