(Photo: © guillermain/123rf/okapistock)

Cibes Lift Group acquires two companies


Swedish company Cibes Lift Group has acquired two companies: Titan Elevators and Upplands hiss AB.

With the acquisition of Titan Elevators in the South of London, Cibes aims to strengthen his presence in the "strategically important London area" and expand the UK business to include lift modernisation and high-speed lifts.

Titan Elevators will retain its company name and brand and continue to be run as an independent company. Titan Elevators employs around 60 people and the staff and Managing Director Mark Collins will remain in their current positions.

Strengthen position

With the Acquisition of Upplands hiss AB Cibes wants to strengthen his position in the Upplands region and the northern Stockholm area. At present, they install about 40 new lifts per year.

Upplands hiss AB has its office in Uppsala, about 10 employees and service assignments for approximately 300 lifts. It will also become a wholly owned company within Cibes Lift Group.

More information: cibeslift.com