ELA President Roberto Zappa.

ELA President Roberto Zappa. (Photo: © Thierry Dauwe/ELA)

Changes to the ELA Board


A new ELA board has now been elected at the virtual general meetings of the European Lift Association (ELA).

The mandate of the current ELA President, Roberto Zappa, has been renewed for a further three-year term. The management committee of the European Elevator Association (EEA) partly changed as well.

In addition to the EEA, the ELA board represents 23 national associations with more than 1,500 companies.

These are the new directors:
• ANIE AssoAscensori (Italy): Roberto Zappa (ELA President)
• Aysad (Turkey): Savaşal Sayin
• Fédération des Ascenseurs (France): Philippe Boué.
• Feeda (Spain): Antonio Pérez
• LEIA (United Kingdom): George Jackson
• VDMA (Germany): Björn Kollmorgen
• Agoria (Belgium): Kris Schockaert
• Hissförbundet (Sweden): Ake Carlsson
• PETAK (Greece): Apostolos Kalyvas
• SUHY (Finland): Ari Ketonen
• VSA (Switzerland): René Hermann
• VFA Interlift (Germany): Achim Hütter
• EEA: Christian de Mas Latrie
• EEA: Aitzol Garcia
• EEA: Wim Koster
• EEA: Jorge Ligüerre
• EEA: Gerhard Schiffner

The European Lift Association (ELA) is a non-profit making international non-governmental organization and is the umbrella body for all European Lift associations. It represents the European lift manufacturing, maintenance and component industry (some 100.000 employees).

Changes to the EEA Management Committee

The Management Committee of the European Elevator Association (EEA) was partially renewed, with the following directors joining the new President, Wim Koster:
• Wim Koster (President)
• Christian de Mas Latrie
• Aitzol Garcia Castellanos
• Jorge Ligüerre
• Rudolf Ramseier
• Gerhard Schiffner
• Olivier Terryn
• Roberto Zappa

More information: ela-aisbl.eu

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