The "Lift Experts' Day" whetted the appetite for the interlift

October 2021

A reunion after a long time and an appetizer for next year's interlift was offered by the "Lift Experts' Day by interlift" on October 20. Normally the industry would currently meet in Augsburg, the day in Hanover was intended to whet appetites for the interlift in April 2022. In addition to the 40 or so visitors on site, 125 participants followed the day in the stream. Ten speakers presented the topics that are currently occupying the elevator industry. The Lift Experts' Day was jointly organized by interlift organizer AFAG and VFA-Interlift.  The moderator was Ulrike Lotze, Editor-in-Chief of LIFTjournal.

Read more in the upcoming issue of LIFTjournal. It will be published on December 13.