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The Light is the protagonist


Cool and invigorating in the morning, warm and relaxing in the evening, the light is the protagonist in IGV Group's new lift, the company stresses. The futuristic elevator was designed by MaMa Design.

The car ceiling features a large ellipsoidal skylight, embedding a nano technology-based optical system. This should mimic the visual sensation of the sky and the sun.

The lighting, based on the circadian rhythm, changes with the passing of the day, revealing cold tones in the morning and sunset warm, amber hues in the evening. “The true protagonist of Sky Lift is the light obtained by using a nano-technology system” say MaMa Design.

The Corian solid and monochrome material defines Sky Lift. According to the company, its tactile pleasantness also has advantages in terms of cleaning and sanitisation: the non-porous surface prevents the absorption of impurities, as well as inhibiting the build of mould and bacteria.

Free of edges, joints and seals

“It is a hygienic, aseptic and fully sanitised material, certified according to the international DIN EN ISO 846 Standard, which is used in healthcare, food and laboratory environments. In addition, the mechanical properties of Corian make it thermoformable, and this has allowed us to design a car with seamless surfaces, free of edges, joints and seals that ease the cleaning operations, totally in line with what IGV has achieved with the CARe sanitising device", explain Matteo Antonelli and Andrea Miscoli, MaMa Design studio.

Corian has antibacterial properties and it is also used for the car and landing fixtures of Sky Lift. “Ergonomic and translucent, the control panel seamlessly integrates into the car wall panel and is perceived through backlighting powered by an embedded LED display”, stresses IGV Group. The buttons are equipped with touch technology.

Made of laminated and back-mirrored glass, the Sky Lift floor reflects and multiplies the space. This element can be customised, just as the vertical Corian wall panels can be finished with engraved patterns.

More information: igvlift.com

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