The “emergency case” from Hauer, fitted with Bernstein products.

The "emergency case" from Hauer, fitted with Bernstein products. (Photo: © Hauer)

Spare part case with safety technology


In cooperation with “Hauer the elevatorshop”, service technicians receive an “emergency case” with Bernstein products, which is intended to cover a multitude of conceivable deployments in the field: the Emergency Switch Case (ESC MMXXII).

Bernstein position switches can be found in all kinds of places in a lift, for example, in the shaft head as limit switch or to monitor safety gear. Apart from the contact type, what distinguishes them is mainly the actuator.

Spare parts can also be ordered individually

The idea of the case is to have the right spare part to hand in case of need. The modular concept of the position switch series "In" from Bernstein permits the fitter with minimal material expenditure to have the matching position switch to hand for individual applications in just three steps:
• selection of basic switch (for example opener or closer)
• fitting with possible actuator (for example, pressure pin, roller follower, rocking lever with large rubber roller)
• installation

The spare parts can also be ordered individually from Hauer to ensure the Emergency Switch Case is always fully equipped for the next use.

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