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Reshaping the status quo for hydraulic lifts


Hydroware, a manufacturer of lift drive and control systems, introduced their new regenerative inverter drive at interlift 2023, powering both the TractionElite ECO and HydroElite VICI on two real-size lift shafts in Hydroware’s booth.

Hydroware developed the frequency inverter in-house and it is designed for both traction and hydraulic lifts. The frequency inverter will be coming with built in regenerative capabilities for both traction and hydraulic lifts, explaining why Hydroware used the slogan "One – Regenerative Drive – for All", during the fair. However, when specifically imagining the implications for hydraulic lifts, the HydroElite VICI is more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. "It is also a highly advanced product that offers a number of advantages", stresses the company.

At the conclusion of interlift, the HydroElite VICI showed a total of 27 percent regeneration ratio of the energy consumed by the lift. Standing on the opposite side, the TractionElite ECO, powered by an identical inverter drive, boasted 15 percent regeneration ratio – for a two-floor traction lift.

The real talking point at the fair though, was oil temperature, as Hydroware demonstrated the capabilities of the HydroElite VICI, by running it continuously throughout the fair. The VICI gave a public show of its ability of running incessantly without notably raising the oil temperature, all without an external oil cooler. By regenerating energy and sending it back to the power grid, the VICI is able to run intensely without generating noteworthy heat in the oil. Not at any point during the four-day period, did the oil temperature of the hydraulic lift rise above 30 degrees.

Without overheating the oil

Photo: © HydrowarePhoto: © Hydroware

This aligns to the tests that were conducted leading up to the fair. The day before interlift’s opening, Hydroware led a test where the HydroElite VICI ran for six hours straight without any opening of the doors, and with 240 starts per hour, again without overheating the oil. According to Hydroware, the implications are that the HydroElite VICI will eliminate the need for oil coolers in the future.

The results at interlift 2023 "demonstrate the HydroElite VICI's potential to revolutionize the lift industry", stresses the company. The inverter drive has the ability to effectively run the VICI without notably generating heat in the oil, without an external oil cooler, and to regenerate energy.

The HydroElite VICI and TractionElite ECO are planned to go through pilot installations of the pre-series during the first two quarters of the new year and be ready to launch during the latter part of 2024.

More information: hydroware.com

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