Raloe has now opened a sales office in Germany: Martin Grabmayer, Samira Nabulsi, Miguel Martín (from left to right).

Raloe has now opened a sales office in Germany: Martin Grabmayer, Samira Nabulsi, Miguel Martín (from left to right). (Photo: © Raloe)

Raloe: Sales office opened in Germany


Raloe, which since its establishment in 1984 has devoted itself to the development and sale of complete lifts to specialist companies, has now opened a sales office in Germany.

Raloe Deutschland GmbH has opened a sales office at the central location of Ismaning near Munich in order to make allowance for constantly increasing growth on the German, Swiss and Austrian markets.

Raloe Deutschland GmbH’s aim is to systematically expand customer care in the German-speaking countries and Denmark with the team of Miguel Martín, Samira Nabulsi and Martin Grabmayer. The team is soon to be increased with additional service employees.

The trio believe customer care is more than just sales, "Understanding the market and customers’ concerns as well as the underlying technology is essential – glossy brochures are no replacement for trust in contacts and partners developed over the long term," according to Martin Grabmayer.

Adapt lifts to local markets

At the same time, Raloe, whose headquarters are in Valencia in Spain, has always taken care to adapt lifts to local markets. The company employs about 125 employees worldwide.

According to Raloe, regional market acceptance and service availability were especially important with regard to assembly-critical components such as controllers, doors and safety gear.

In addition, the manufacturer drew attention to its independence in selecting components, for example with doors from various manufacturers, such as Fermator, Meiller or also Wittur – depending on the purpose and customer preference.

Tailor-made lifts

It was no coincidence either that familiar quality products from New-Lift, Ziehl-Abegg and Schlosser were used when it came to controllers, motors and safety gear, "Cooperation with regionally well-established partners, who stand for known quality and can provide reliable after-sales support, is a core brand characteristic of Raloe," according to Miguel Martín, sales director for Raloe Germany.

"Positive feedback from many existing and new customers has confirmed this course. Tailor-made lifts is more than just an advertising slogan for us."

The respective supplier in part assumes the technical support of the products, especially of components – above all in the case of controllers, drives and doors. Raloe’s own staff provide practical assistance on the telephone and if necessary on the spot in the case of questions related to the construction kit.

More information:raloe.com