The Luezar SEL-20 speed governor.

The Luezar SEL-20 speed governor. (Photo: © Luezar)

Practical solution for MRL complete lifts


Raloe has adopted a solution in its program that is intended to simplify the inspection and operation of safety gear in machine-room-less (MRL) lifts.

Lift service technicians are familiar with the situation: the safety gear was triggered during the downward trip – whether during a test or in operation. Subsequent release of the safety gear can be challenging, depending on where the car is.

The new system at Raloe greatly simplifies inspection of safety gear for all MRL lifts with Emesa frames and on-board speed governors and avoids complications after triggering the safety gear on the downward trip, the manufacturer of complete lifts explained.

Emesa is part of the Raloe company network and produces frames, cars and steel engineering for its partners.

Controlled upward trip

The mechanical safety gear is only triggered as needed during the downward trip by the speed governor. The upward trip is controlled by an overspeed switch and if necessary stopped by the flange-mounted motor brake.

The Luezar SEL-20 overspeed switch with its integration in the safety circuit is a safety component in line with Annex IV Part A of the 2014/33/EU Lift Directive, certified by TÜV Rheinland. All of the lifts equipped in this way include the corresponding EU type approval test for this assembly.

The Optimus (backpack) and Symbio (centrally guided) series are available immediately with this option. In addition, the conventional version with double direction safety gear is available, which is triggered by a mechanical speed governor.

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