(Photo: © Langer & Laumann)

On the road to customers in the new promo tourer


Unfortunately, the time for events and trade fairs has not yet returned, but Langer & Laumann does not want to let this get it down. It is going to its customers itself.

The company is showing all interested parties its products and innovations on the spot in its new promo tourer. Setting out from the company headquarters in Münsterland, the journey will go all the way through Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

Presentation of products at the customer

Photo: © Langer & LaumannPhoto: © Langer & Laumann

The L&L promo tourer was designed and equipped to make it possible to present products at the customer – "naturally while observing the prescribed hygiene measures", emphasised the company. "Thanks to the glazed side wall and large slide-outs, the interior of the vehicle appears particularly light and inviting."

"We haven’t seen each other for a long time – with immediate effect, we'd like to say this to you in person," explained Martin Platt, managing director of Langer & Laumann. Customers who would like to experience the promo tourer live can contact Langer & Laumann by telephone: +49 (2552) 92 7 91 0.

More information: lul-ing.de