(Photo: © Montanari)

New Gearless for heavy duty projects


Montanari introduces a brand new Gearless for heavy duty projects: It is compact and powerful, stresses the company.

2200 Nm nominal torque and 7000 kg static load are the main features. MGV34XL completes the MGV34 Montanari gearless range. This new version comes with a wide choice of traction pulleys diameter and a max speed of 4 m/s in 2:1 roping. Another key element is the flexibility of use.

"Our vision 'do it right – make it easy' led us through the design of a solution which distinguishes also for the possibility of use in both MR and MRL systems", says Montanari.

This is made possible, thanks to a special KIT which allows the transformation into MR application. The MRL-MR mode switch kit is composed of a flywheel for rescue system performance, a geared wheel and a protection cover. It can be installed very easily.

"Quickly answer customer needs"

According to the company this means a better stock management (the kit can be ordered also in a different moment, when the necessity arises: "This translates into cost optimization and possibility to quickly answer customer needs."

As the whole Montanari Gearless traction machines, MGV34XL has a short-circuited torque (2650 Nm) higher than the rated one which allows the performance of the rescue system in full safety even when battery back is missing.

The whole project took time for development and before market launch, it was thoroughly tested on Montanari Tower. "This is important because the customer can't afford for gearless to have any kind of failure because in 99% of cases, changing any component becomes a challenge and causes high costs", stresses Montanari. Furthermore, all Montanari gearless are tested at max torque before leaving the company.

More information: montanarigiulio.com