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New car top inspection box


Giovenzana has designed a new car top inspection box. The goal was to design the safest, most up to date code-compliant pendant that also addresses some of the safety issues field technicians face.

Such pendants are used when the lighting conditions are not ideal or to prevent the illumination shut down. Therefore, the GM345 incorporates two bright LED strip lights molded into the top side of the box.

This allows for additional focused yet flexible lighting whether in the pit or on the car top. This built-in led strip is improving the operator safety and is also working as backup battery is case of a power failure. It is working with Ni-MH AA replaceable and rechargeable batteries and guarantees up to 7 hours of powerful illumination. Illuminance is over 350 lux in normal service and over 150 lux in case of battery backup.

Moreover, the strip lights can be customized to provide visual warning alerts, status notification by changing the color of the side lights or simply white light. The new feature of the colored pushbutton guard is an additional improvement of the safety especially in case of low illumination.

"Easy to handle and very user-friendly"

This flexible car top box station also incorporates all the features for which Giovenzana is renowned in the field of safe elevator controls. With the mechanically operating, self-monitored contacts in the emergency stop switch, it is a SIL3-rated device. Break off the mushroom head of the switch and it instantly defaults to the "stop" status.

According to Giovenzana, the same degree of safety can be found in the changeover inspection switch with positive opening and SIL3 certification. The shell is made of thermoplastic flame-retardant ABS V0 material with a high level of impact resistance.

The internal contacts are spring-proof, vibration-proof and in compliance with worldwide elevator and lift safety codes. "With a very ergonomic design and light weight construction this pendant is easy to handle and very user-friendly", says the company. All engraves are made with laser in such a way that they are scratch-proof.

No problems during installation

The inspection box can be equipped with any kind of plug as well as with any European or UK RCD. Furthermore, the GM345 is available with different types of sockets to ensure its use in different markets all around the world.

Giovenzana also offers a customization service for the generation of dedicated codes which include, for example, the wiring or the customization of the number and type of electrical contacts: "In fact, we produce and deliver pre-wired and 100% tested tailor-made solutions so as not to create problems during installation in the field."

More information: giovenzana.com

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