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iDiscovery featuring enhanced inspection functions


iDiscovery is a powerful supervisor unit. Combined with APS (Absolut Positioning System), it takes over the safety-relevant functions of an elevator.

This flagship product from Cedes will soon be available with enhanced inspection functions for elevators with reduced headroom or pit (EN 81-21).

iDiscovery and APS combine into a powerful system that is surprisingly easy to install, configure and use. This low level of complexity is what Cedes customers value the most.

Furthermore, choosing this solution results in a significant reduction of installation, teaching and maintenance time, as well as material and labor costs, since iDiscovery replaces many individual systems and components found in conventional elevators. With the introduction of the new inspection functions, all of these advantages are taken a step further.

Smooth configuration and teach process

The configuration and floor indicator clips mounted with the APS code tape provide for a fully automated teach process and easy on-site configuration. This is what makes the system from Cedes truly unique.

Thanks to the configuration clips, there is no need for extra programming tools or numerous devices with different preconfigured rated speeds. Moreover, the safety-relevant configuration can be modified on site. The new version of iDiscovery comes with two additional configuration clips – a clearance clip for each the head and the pit.

iDiscovery and electrically activated safety gear

Photo: © CedesPhoto: © Cedes

iDiscovery comes with an interface module triggering an electrically activated safety gear. Using this combination offers great advantages. First of all, the mechanical overspeed governor, its rope and the rope tension device become completely obsolete.

When it comes to safety spaces for reduced headroom or pit, further mechanical components become redundant - movable stops or pre-triggered stopping systems, as well as the switches necessary to monitor them. The installation time and material costs are once again drastically reduced.

Discovery tour of new elements

iDiscovery provides an electronic solution to safeguard the safety spaces for elevators with reduced headroom or pit, tripping an electrically activated safety gear. The function to safeguard the safety spaces is easily configured with the configuration clips.

The clearance clip pit or head marks the pre-triggering limit and defines the safety space tripping position. At the pre-triggering limit, the safety output opens the safety chain to stop the elevator. If the car moves beyond this limit, the electrically activated safety gear is triggered when the position of the safety space tripping limit is reached.

The safety function for the safety spaces is activated as soon as at least one access door to the pit or car is opened manually, or if inspection panel pit or car is active. The bistable access door switch contacts are read in by iDiscovery. The doors that give access to the pit are read in separately from the doors that give access to head (car top). iDiscovery also comes with an option that provides the possibility to use monostable access door switches.

More information: cedes.com

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