(Photo: © Bernstein)

However you twist and turn it …


Bernstein launched a door contact switch, which according to the company is unique in its design.

The SEL54 protected its internal components according to IP54 against splashes from all directions, irrespective of the installation location.

"The SEL54 can be twisted and turned to best suit our customers. Water splashes still have no chance of reaching the seal," explained Manuel Pollock, Technical Director at Bernstein.

SEL product series further expanded

The producer of industrial safety and building technology has further expanded its SEL product series with the new IP54 door contact switch. Moreover, the design of the contacts meant every actuation had a cleaning effect, Bernstein emphasised. Dirt, dust or oxide layers were rubbed off, thus safely establishing the electrical contact.

"Our SEL product family door contacts have a mechanical product life of 10,000,000 actuations," Manuel Pollock pointed out. "If a lift door opened 1,000 times a day, the corresponding door contact could be used for 27 years before reaching the end of its mechanical life."

More information: bernstein.eu

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