(Photo: © Hohner Automation)

Hohner commemorated its 40th anniversary


Hohner Automation, headquartered in Breda, Spain, is an international family-owned business specialized in the manufacturing of incremental and absolute encoders, linear measurement systems and rotary actuators.

Photo: © Hohner AutomationPhoto: © Hohner Automation

In 2023 Hohner commemorated its 40th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, they organized different activities for their employees throughout the year (paddle tennis, yoga, cultural visits…) and thus strengthen teamwork. And to end the year, in December they organized a closing event with all families to thank the Hohner team for their hard work and dedication.

"Hohner Automation doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank their distributors, customers, collaborators... and all those who contribute to fulfil their dream of being leaders in the development of encoders and positioning systems", says the company.

More information: encoderhohner.com/company