(Photo: © Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik GmbH)

Automatic creation of lift drawings


Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik GmbH has issued a new version of the Marsdesigner, the calculation tool for the Mars product line, with which automated creation of lift drawings is possible.

The tool requests the corresponding data, ordered according to logical groups, and saves them for later amendments and supplements. Apart from general data, such as shaft dimensions and stop distances, information about the doors is queried (Fermator, Meiller and Riedl makes).

The information in Marsdesigner for the inner and outer control panel refers to the slim line Schäfer version. You can choose between New Lift and Step when it comes to the controller. The dimensions and equipment are selected in the car.

Technical dependencies are already checked during input. If something does not fit, for example if there is one door or control panel too many or too few, or the car does not fit in the shaft, a corresponding message is issued. If there is no error in the calculation, a price for the lift can be determined and an automated lift drawing created with the new version.

Calculation tool creates an offer

Photo: © Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik GmbHPhoto: © Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik GmbH

The calculation tool immediately creates an offer, which serves as the basis for the offer to the end customer. A drawing can then already be supplied for the architect with the offer. The output with the technical data also simultaneously documents the scope of delivery to the end customer.

As a result, it is not necessary to first request the lift and wait for an offer. Orders to Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik GmbH then occur via digital file transfer, meaning no information can be lost.

On request, the Marsdesigner is available to those customers of Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik who require several Mars product line lifts a year and make their own calculations.

More information: schum-aufzugtechnik.de