Liftex in London 2022

October 2022

The Excel in London was the venue for Liftex on 12 and 13 October 2022:The show is organised by LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) in consultation with an international network of advisory bodies. Now in its 34th year, Liftex is the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for year’s event attracted 4,000 attendees - the biggest yet and with over 100 exhibitors from 12 countries, including the UK, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.
The products and companies exhibiting at the Liftex show ranged from large multi-national to small niche companies, with many highlighting software solutions to lift / escalator monitoring and predictive maintenance.  Fittingly cleaning/cleansing systems and technologies for lifts and escalators were attracting attention and in particular how to counter Covid 19 particles and other such infectious diseases.  Hardware was still to be seen attracting the hands-on experience, with new motors, over-speed solutions, controllers, shaft equipment, lift cars, car and landing doors and an array of call buttons seen in abundance.


Text: John Gale