The new UnaPorte from Ascendor – overcoming barriers up to 3 m without a shaft.

The new UnaPorte from Ascendor – overcoming barriers up to 3 m without a shaft. (Photo: © Ascendor GmbH)

UnaPorte – a new shaftless lift


Ascendor, the lift specialist from Austria, has launched its product innovation UnaPorte in October.

After over one-and-a-half years of development work, the time has finally arrived: Ascendor is in the midst of launching its product innovation UnaPorte. The company delivered the first shaftless lift in August. Since then, numerous other lifts designed for up to 3 m conveyance height have been delivered and assembled.

The UnaPorte boasted many advantages, explained Daniel Schönberger, product developer at Ascendor. "For example, it is especially user- and assembly-friendly, has a modern, timeless design and long service life."

Apart from fully automatic control of the doors, the standard equipment included sensor buttons on the operating panel and gentle start/gentle stop via a frequency controlled drive system. The UnaPorte travels using a guide chain system and 0.75 kW electrical drive on an aluminium guide rail at a maximum speed of 0.15 m/minute. The versatile deployment lift is rounded off by a lockable wireless switch and safety gear with integrated speed governor.

Patented know-how

"The biggest innovations are the patented guide rail with drive concept, patented door lock and door drive," stated Schönberger. "All of these modules were complete new developments for the UnaPorte."

The shaftless lift with a load-bearing capacity of up to 375 kg is available in the dimensions 1400 x 1100 mm (LxB) and with a closed car needs 1675 x 1290 mm (LxB) space.

Customisable design

The new Ascendor product has a colour touch display, graphic fault display and fault memory. If necessary, a technician can query the status of the lift and offer support directly, emphasised the Ascendor product developer.

"An extraordinary LED light concept offers numerous design options and the optional voice output provided users with additional support."

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