(Photo: © Nova Elevators)

Touchless voice-controlled home lift


Vocal suite is Nova Elevators' new home lift that can be fully operated with the voice, avoiding all contact with surfaces.

The product was launched by Nova, an Italian manufacturer of complete home lift systems. In addition to private homes, the multimedia touchless home lift is particularly suitable for small blocks of flats, office buildings and in healthcare facilities like rehab centres.

To install vocal suite the customer needs just one requirement: a WI-FI connection (at least 3 bars of reception), with 2.4 GHz band frequency and a DSL internet connection or optical fibre.

With automatic operation

Vocal suite is available for every type of Suite lift installation with automatic operation, both at the landing and in the car. The touchless home lift is available with reserved call, to replace the mechanical enabling key at landings and, upon request, bespoke solutions with voice calls to activate the lift for visitors can be included.

The voice-controlled system is offered for up to six landings in four languages (German, English, Italian and French). In the retrofit version, the vocal suite can be easily implemented on existing Suite Lift installations. The standard entertainment set includes music, news and radio, weather forecast and traffic news.

Hydraulic or electric drive

All Nova products are available with hydraulic or electric drive, with small dimensions, reduced energy consumption and minimal environmental impact.

"We have always had an eye on the issue of ECO-sustainability: Nova employs low energy-absorption machineries and the 100-kW photovoltaic system of the plant covers the 70% of our needs," emphasised Fabrizio Nicoli, CEO at Nova Elevators.

The Suite Lift home lift range falls into "Class A energy rating" – according to the guidelines of the Association of German Engineers.

More information: www.novaelevators.it