Dr. Philipp Voet van Vormizeele.

Dr. Philipp Voet van Vormizeele. (Photo: © TK Elevator)

TK Elevator: Changes in the Management Board


Dr. Philipp Voet van Vormizeele will succeed retiring Dr. Detlef Hunsdiek in the position as CHRO.

Kevin Lavallee. Photo: © TK ElevatorKevin Lavallee. Photo: © TK Elevator

As the new CHRO, Voet van Vormizeele will be in charge of Human Resources and Legal, Compliance, Data Protection, and Labor Relations. "TK Elevator would like to thank Dr. Detlef Hunsdiek for his great contribution. He was a truly impactful and inspirational leader to the company as well as the HR community and a sought-after dialogue partner of all stakeholders," states Peter Walker, CEO TK Elevator.

Kevin Lavallee, current CEO BU North America, will take up the new Board position of COO with responsibility for field operations. Along with the Board responsibility, he will continue to lead the Business Unit of North America as CEO.

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