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Set-up your valve with your mobile


The world becomes increasingly connected. That enable companies to redesign products as IoT devices to have Smart Solutions and remain competitive. Blain Hydraulics make use of the IoT technology and evolved the existing EV4-vvvf into the Smart-EV40-vvvf solution.

Blain’s Smart-EV40 is an upgrade of the existing EV4-vvvf solution, which can be deployed using a smart phone or tablet. Technicians can configure the product and adjust the valve using their smart devices, thereby reducing the need to be in the machine room, where line of sight to the elevator is often not available.

No additional software needs to be installed on the smartphone or tablet as the Smart-EV40 card provides a Wi-fi connection for hand shaking. Accessing the EV40 card has been protected at different user levels and an additional hardware protection has also been provided.

Smart-EV40 is backwards compatible

Photo: © Blain HydraulicsPhoto: © Blain Hydraulics

Compared to the EV4-vvvf solution, the Smart-EV40 limits the input parameters to the elevator data only, thus offering quick and easy set-up. Moreover, there is no need to do any set-up at the drive side, all is done through the smart device. The Smart-EV40 is backwards compatible, so a mechanical valve like EV100 or an existing EV4-vvvf valve can be upgraded to a Smart EV40 valve system by changing some parts inside the valve body, for which modernization kits are also available.

The EV40 system can be installed either on a new or an existing power unit without the necessity to change the power unit. The EV40 interface card contains sophisticated, specially designed hydraulic elevator software to provide high level of ride quality regardless of the changes in load and oil temperature. Yaskawa GA700 or L1000H drives are utilized at heavy duty mode for motors up to 75kW (100HP) power size. "This makes it an ideal choice for modernisation projects", says Blain Hydraulics.


Blain’s Smart-EV40-vvvf solution employs the IoTs and the advancements of digital technology to eliminate weaknesses and ease the usage of the system. The existing EV4-vvvf system has been upgraded with the inclusion of an interface card, a pressure sensor, as well as advancements in the control software.

The Smart-EV40 interface card allows easy and quick diagnostics via LEDs and permits easy firmware updates, when necessary. The card performs a fast connectivity with mobile devices and offers a user-friendly interface. To ease servicing tasks, additional properties, such as pressure relief valve adjustment, detection of the limit pressures are also included in the solution.

In addition to smooth ride quality, the Smart-EV40-vvvf provides shorter by-pass and re-levelling times, which reduce the total travel time as well as the energy consumption. The solution achieves energy savings over 65% and reduces the oil temperature increase by 50%, eliminating the need for a cooler.

Advantages of the Smart-EV40 systems: • Quick and easy set-up. Number of input parameters have been reduced by 50 %.
• Easy wiring with the drive and the lift controller.
• Lift operation can be monitored, recorded and adjusted by any smart device using Wi-Fi connectivity.
• By-pass and levelling times are further reduced, which further improves energy savings.
• Energy consumption reduced by more than 65 % through energy-saving mode
• The overload and low-pressure conditions can be detected readily, there is no need to install additional pressure switches on the EV40 valve.
• Easy access with mobile devices and user-friendly menu structure.
• Choice of Metric and Imperial units.
• Easy diagnostics.

More information: blain.de