USP system. (Source: Effekta)

New UPS makes lifts safe and economic


Effekta, based in Rottweil (Germany), has now developed a device embodying an ideal combination of energy efficiency and safety.

Uninterruptible power supplies (USP systems) have been used in lifts for safety purposes for years. For a long time, the task of a USP system consisted almost exclusively in continuing to supply important components in the lift, such as the brakes, control, lighting or alarm signal in the event of a power failure.

In this way, secure evacuation could be guaranteed in the event of a power failure, grid disruption or even in the case of a fire. Safety was quite properly the top priority with other aspects, such as energy consumption, consequently getting less attention.

Requirements have risen

But in recent years the requirements for the manufacturers of lifts and lift controls have also risen. Apart from classic applications, i.e. maintaining various functions in the event of a power failure, the question of energy efficiency has become increasingly important. As in the case of fridges or TV sets, it is essential for manufacturers to take the subject of energy efficiency into account in product development. VDI4707 was developed by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) to permit objective evaluation of lift energy efficiency.

HandwerkTwo major operating conditions have to be considered in this respect: on the one hand, there is the consumption while the lift is moving. This includes the travel mode itself, brake ventilation, door drive and control. On the other hand, there is the consumption when the lift is stationary, i.e. for car lighting, control, drive regulation, displays and independent consumption of various components, such as the USP system.

Since every UPS system has its own power consumption, the two targets of safety and energy efficiency are at least in part mutually incompatible. Many UPS systems on the market need about 30 Watt in power to maintain their own functionality.

Depressing power consumption by 75 percent

Effekta has succeeded in depressing its devices’ own power consumption for this application in particular by 75 percent to under 10 Watt. Since the power consumption of a UPS system makes a major contribution to influencing the value of the standstill power consumption, Effekta has developed a system that tackles precisely this point.

Assumed example of the power consumption of a motionless lift: a 115 W measurement represents Class C for energy requirements at standstill. If the consumption could be cut by more than 15 Watt in this example, it would achieve Class B.

Targets can be ideally combined

The two targets, i.e. safety and energy efficiency, can be ideally combined with Effekta’s special lift UPS system and are not as before mutually incompatible. The device is flexible and as a result can be adjusted to all kinds of demands of particular manufacturers of lifts or controls.

HandwerkThanks to intensive cooperation during development by Effekta with different manufacturers, other features have arisen over time that are in part very advantageous.

The device is very compact, has an external control input and automatic bypass relay: as a result, in the event of the UPS being switched off or destroyed, the grid input is switched through directly to the output, further increasing operational safety. The TN system also works in battery mode as a result of which personnel protection is also guaranteed in battery mode by the fault-current circuit breaker.

Assembly is simple

Another advantage: the device is very service-friendly by virtue of its modular, plug-in structure. Maintenance is quick and cheap too, thanks to the hot-swap battery replacement. The battery electronics and battery pack are separated from each other, the handling is simple and the battery is conserved.

The system can be delivered in customer design, various housing forms are possible, assembly is simple, various battery types can be used and different status reports displayed via the conductor. A dust filter can also be installed as an option. In addition, Effekta provides 24/7 support.

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