Cho Jae Chun.

Cho Jae Chun. (Photo: © Hyundai Elevator)

Hyundai Elevator appoints new CEO


Hyundai Elevator appointed Cho Jae Chun, executive vice president of the elevator business division, as the company’s new CEO.

Cho Jae Chun was born 1964 and worked in elevator sales ever after graduating from Yonsei University. "He is a sales expert who contributed to Hyundai Elevator growing to the biggest elevator enterprise in Korea", stresses the company.

Strong expertise

He was a sales representative in the domestic elevator sales division. He moved up as head of the elevator business unit in 2019. According to the company he greatly contributing in this role to Hyundai Elevator’s growing market share.

"This was his breakthrough that led to his promotion to executive vice president in 2021. Cho Jae Chun has a strong expertise from his 30 years of sales experience. He was selected to be the next CEO as it was confirmed that he was the most fitting to face challenges in the domestic and overseas markets.”

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