Door mechanism from the Meiller MOD concept with the new variably adjustable skate.

Door mechanism from the Meiller MOD concept with the new variably adjustable skate. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Easy and flexible solution for modernisation


Every day, lifts transport millions of people, many of them for decades. In view of the immense number of trips that lifts complete over the course of time, ... is no wonder that sooner or later the point comes where important components fail, can no longer be repaired and have to be renewed.

At the same time, there are many other good reasons for modernising lifts: reducing malfunctions, upgrading to the latest safest standards, energy-saving, gains in convenience, value increase of the property, etc. At the same time, investment in modernisation is associated with financial burdens and therefore requires careful planning between the lift company and operator.

Flexible modernisation concepts

Apart from the drive, the doors are frequently the first area to receive attention - especially the car doors that open and close at every stop on every floor. Therefore, it is no surprise that the door drive and mechanism wear out earlier while the door leaves and sill are often still intact and only require optical renewal.

To ensure the investment costs do not get out of hand and modernisation can be carried out in stages, flexible modernisation concepts are called for. This was one of the decisive reasons for the Munich door specialist Meiller to develop a multi-pronged concept that leaves the operator with several different options for the door segment.

Only replace the transom

Assuming the mechanism of the car door has become "long in the tooth", but the door leaves and sill are still for the most part in order, the Meiller MOD concept provides the option of just replacing the car door transom along with the drive and complete door mechanism. And this is not just the case with old Meiller doors, but also with those of other manufacturers, provided the existing landing doors can remain.

To ensure that the interplay of the new Meiller car door mechanism and old third party landing door works without any problems after the conversion, Meiller supplies the transom with a variable skate, which is adjusted at the factory to the hook bolt of the particular third-party landing doors.

A few measurements may be necessary if applicable for this purpose, which can be determined easily and quickly with a dimensioned drawing on the spot on the lift – together with a few dimensions of the existing door leaves, to ensure their connection to the Meiller door leaf suspension mounts can be supplied made to measure.

Replace the door leaves?

In the event that that the door leaves of the old doors have suffered so greatly over the years that they also have to be replaced, Meiller offers two options: new door leaves can also be supplied with the new car door transom, which match the dimensions of the existing ones.

The advantage of this is that ideally the car indent does not have to be changed. Alternatively, the solution can be designed with double-walled Meiller door leaves in standard dimensions. However, in this case the existing car indent has to be renewed by the owner.

Step-by-step modernisation

In both cases, replacement of the existing car door sill by a Meiller sill is indispensable. This is because only through the combination of new door leaves, new door guides and a new sill can you guarantee that the safety requirements of EN 81-20/50 are observed in terms of pendulum impact and strength tests.

Naturally, the mechanism can also be supplied with a closing device or car door lock and consequently meets the requirements of EN 81-20/50. As a result, the Meiller MOD concept for car doors facilitates step-by-step modernisation, adjusted to the technical requirements and budget available.

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